Religion, Law, and Human Rights in Comparative Perspective

Participate in contemporary debates about the role of religion in public life while situated in Strasbourg, the heart of Europe.

offered by Syracuse University Abroad

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Focusing on both European and non-European jurisdictions, the course will introduce students to contemporary debates about the role of religion in public and political life, familiarize them with critical human and women’s rights issues across different religious traditions and political systems by specifically discussing contemporary multicultural and pluri-legal challenges to universal human rights values and principles. The course will link together the study of aspects of European human rights law and of specific Asian and African legal systems, as well as comparative state-church relations, creating much room for individual specialization of students, built on a common core of covered material. The course, which will be of interest to students studying law, international relations and political sciences, with an emphasis on human rights, religion, Islam, the Middle East, Western Europe, and women and gender studies, is open to both undergraduate and graduate students.


  • Political Science
  • Middle Eastern Studies
  • International Affairs/Relations


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