Syracuse University Abroad Summer: Nineteenth- Century Urban Cultures: Class, Commerce, and Spectacle

Understand the transformation of the urban experience in great European cities during the 19th century.

offered by Syracuse University Abroad

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Over the course of the nineteenth century, London and Paris were transformed from dark, congested, and dangerous cities into the modern, organized capitals we experience today. But the vast improvement projects that greatly altered each city, such as Haussmann’s grand boulevards in Paris and Josh Nash’s Regent’s Park and Regent Street in London, were not undertaken in isolation. Rather, they were part of an ongoing competition between the two cities. With a focus on architecture, commerce, and the literature that recorded but also helped to shape perceptions of the new urban experience, this course will explore how Paris and London emulated, copied, and learned from one another in their respective efforts to become the world’s greatest city. (ETS 350/HST 400/600/ENG 600)


  • History
  • English Literature


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