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Founded in 2005, That’s Mandarin is one of the oldest Chinese language schools in China. It has been providing high-quality China study experiences to a growing number of students in the decade since. In 2014, that number reached 3000 students from 90 nationalities, 10% of which were summer campers. In-house unique teaching methodologies are focused on individual-centric learning, with the aim of matching our students to a course that suits their motivations. We have developed our own online Mandarin learning platform, Mandarin Cafe, where you can find all the class notes from your lessons--instantly available on your online account and ready to be reviewed anywhere, anytime. Now 5 years old, Mandarin Cafe is an invaluable tool for our students and teachers. All our teachers are full-time, university graduates with experience teaching students of all ages and language levels. In 2015, That’s Mandarin aims to exceed expectations with more schools in more cities that can teach even more students. In short, more Chinese!


At That's Mandarin, we work hard to make sure that our teaching methodologies don't show any bias to a particular native language. Our courses are taught in Mandarin and use our unique teaching and reviewing techniques to ensure that students acquire Chinese, regardless of the other languages that they speak or their country of origin. We are proud of our international student population and look forward to seeing it grow even more.


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