The Green Store Challenge - The DO School and H&M

offered by The DO School Innovation Lab GmbH

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THE DO SCHOOL AND THE DO SCHOOL PROGRAM The DO School is an innovative educational institution offering training, mentoring, and education to outstanding emerging social entrepreneurs to kickstart their own ventures all around the world. The DO School offers a unique one-year educational program enabling talented emerging social entrepreneurs to launch their own innovative and sustainable ventures. The program allows its participants - our Fellows - to learn from passionate peers, engage with current leaders and experts, and create change by implementing their social start-ups in their home countries. The year long program takes place in two phases, the ten-week Incubation Phase on our Hamburg campus and the ten-month Implementation Phase in the Fellows' home countries. During the Incubation Phase Fellows solve a group Challenge in order to learn hands-on how to act entrepreneurially and successfully take action. THE CHALLENGE H&M challenges the DO School Fellows to create a Green Store prototype. This Green Store prototype must be sustainable in terms of materials, construction, energy, operation and other aspects and will be realized in Germany. The prototype should be scalable to H&M stores worldwide, be economically beneficial and make the idea of sustainability tangible for customers and employees. DATES Incubation Phase, DO School campus in Hamburg, Germany: End of April 2014 to June 2014. Implementation Phase, in the Fellows’ home countries: June 2014 to April 2015. POTENTIAL FOR IMPACT Consumption is relevant to almost everyone in the world. If done carelessly, it can irreversibly harm the environment. Discovering how to make our consumption more sustainable will be crucial to the health of the planet and future generations. Retail stores are places of large responsibilities, both for customers and retailers. The Green Store prototype will set an example of sustainability in-store and help to communicate the issue to customers and employees in stores. This will also help to create more conscious consumers worldwide and boost the innovation of a multinational company. ELIGIBLE APPLICANTS The DO School invites applications from emerging social entrepreneurs aged 18 to 28 from around the world, with relevant interests and skills. A maximum of 20 Fellows will be selected for the H&M Green Store Challenge and successful candidates may come from, but are not restricted to the fields of engineering, architecture, fashion and design, as well as environmental activism, retail and human resource management. HOW TO APPLY To learn more about the DO School and the Green Store Challenge, and to apply please visit our website at: The deadline for applications to the Green Store Challenge is January 7th, 2014.


  • Design
  • Environmental Studies
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