Rwanda Institute for Social Innovation

offered by Thinkimpact

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The ThinkImpact Rwanda Institute is a life-changing experience for college students, graduate students and young professionals in rural Rwanda. Rwanda programs are offered during winter and summer break and range from 2 to 8 weeks in length. ThinkImpact works in the Rwamagana province in Rwanda. Our programs are full immersion and we operate in rural communities where we have established relationships. Training and program debrief take place in the city of Kigali to book end the rural immersion experience. During your time in Rwanda you will learn the habits, skills and perspectives to tackle challenges and seize opportunity in the 21st century. You will develop the personal and professional goals that will set you apart. ThinkImpactâ??s travel programs are about more than sight seeing or feeling like you are making a difference. We are interested in innovation and global leadership. Through the program you will immerse in a community, build relationships with local community members to understand the complexities of local culture and markets. However on this program you are not alone, you are placed in a cohort of 8 students and one staff Advisor who is trained in ThinkImpact\\\\\\\'s approach. You and your team will use ThinkImpact\\\\\\\'s curriculum, The Action Kit ( as a vehicle to explore innovation in your community. Your ultimate goal is to test an idea for a product (ex: coconut sugar) or service (ex: gutter installment service) alongside a team of local community partners and gather feedback from the community in real time. This program is so much more then your typical internship or volunteer program. Engage with real challenges with real people, in the real world!


  • African Studies
  • Anthropology
  • Business
  • Culture
  • Design
  • Field-Study
  • Humanities
  • International Development
  • International Studies
  • Internship Programs
  • Liberal Arts
  • Mba
  • Psychology
  • Social Sciences
  • Sociocultural Anthropology

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