Intensive Spanish Language and Culture Summer Program

Summer Study Abroad

offered by Toucan Education Programs Limited

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The Intensive Spanish Language and Culture Immersion program is a great option for participants looking for intermediate level language training. The program seeks to improve fluency in the Spanish language in just three-weeks. Our goal is to immensely improve confidence in using the language. The program is ideal for students who are serious about gaining high fluency in Spanish, both in speaking and comprehension capacity. The program is designed as an effective three-week language training tool that consists of writing and speaking labs, lectures and field experiences. The Intensive Spanish Language and Culture Immersion program builds in a dynamic cultural immersion component to help participants understand the Belizean Mestizo (Spanish / Maya) culture on a deeper level. Co-curricular activities are integrated to bring the in-class lessons to a real world settings. The program also integrates proficiency-oriented activities designed to foster interaction with native speakers of the language. This will aid participants to attain high accuracy and fluency, thus aiding you in gaining more confidence in your command of the Spanish language.

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