Central Europe in the 21st Century: Migrants and Minorities

Central Europe in the 21st Century: Migrants and Minorities

Title: Migrants and Minorities in Central Europe Course 1: History of Minorities and Migrants in Central Europe Course 2: 21st-Century Migration Trends and Policies in Central Europe and the Question of Nation States The course offers a historic overview of migrants and minority groups in many countries of Central and Eastern Europe, together with a fresh investigation of international migration trends and policies across the region. In particular, in light of recent immigration flows to the European Union, migration policies will be critically analyzed using qualitative fieldwork experience and such intercultural innovation tools as the UNAOC-BMW Award-winner ‘Immigropoly – The migration game’, developed by lecturers of this course. Fieldwork will include visits in Hungary and its Schengen-border region with Serbia and Croatia and at NGOs, government agencies, local governments dealing with migrants. In addition, many minority communities and their local self-governments will be visited. This course can easily connect with different degree programs in the above disciplines, in particular in Political Science. As for methodology, it will combine lectures, seminar work and intensive field work, but interactivity and debate will overarch all elements during the four weeks.


  • Political Science
  • Social Sciences
  • Humanities

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