Psychological Responses to Permanent and Actual Challenges

Psychological Responses to Permanent and Actual Challenges

The program includes 2 main courses: 1: A Global Challenge: the Psychological Perspectives of Diversity 2: Evolutionary Aspects of Human Psychological Functioning This psychology summer program deals with the social world of human beings and the current psychological theories that help us understand our species in greater details. Topics covered during the program: • Social Representation • Narrativity • History and Identity • Minority and Intergroup Issues • The evolution of the human mind • Group formation and social relations • Cognitive development and parent-offspring relations • Sexual selection and human mate choice preferences Have you ever wondered what drives human behavior? Are we unique and different beings in a chaotic world or is there something that is common in all of us? What does the well-known cliché “human beings are social creatures” actually mean? And if we are truly that social, why is there so much discrimination and fear around us? Why do different societies have a dismissive behavior towards migrants? Is there anything that we can do against discrimination of minorities? Social- and evolutionary psychology offer a lot of interesting answers to these questions. Throughout this Summer School our researchers and lecturers will demonstrate that human beings are in fact utterly social. We are determined by our evolutionary, neurological underpinnings and by the socially represented world around us. We will also show that these facts are not only foods for thought, but they have serious consequences on our modern lives.


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POP UP Music Camp

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Topics to choose from: Music, Marketing, Visual Experience - we get you around the whole spectrum of pop music industry.

The Music Camp is scheduled prior to one of the most popular Hungarian pop music festivals, Fishing on Orfű, organized in a village very close to Pécs. The Music Camp attendees will have a unique opportunity not only to follow but also to get involved in the preparation of the festival and receive practical knowledge on building a festival.

University of Pécs

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