USAC China: Chinese Language and International Business Studies in Shanghai

Choose from multiple levels of Mandarin Chinese—an increasingly important language in today’s global society!

offered by University Studies Abroad Consortium

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The Shanghai program is ideal for students who are interested in studying the economic and business environment of China and East Asia. Once a sleepy fishing town, Shanghai is now the hallmark of China’s booming economy. It is the perfect place for you to learn about the business environment of East Asia and study Chinese language. Mandarin is the official/standard dialect used in China, and Shanghai is a great place to practice it outside of class. While learning Chinese language and business logistics during the week, you will be able to take in dozens of art exhibitions, sport competitions, movies, museums, musical events, nightclubs, and more. The Shanghai program offers an intensive language approach that allows you to complete up to one year of university foreign language coursework in only one semester. You may combine courses from the following subject aras: International Business and Intensive Chinese Language. These subject areas are not exclusive of one another so you may combine courses for up to a total of 18 credits. You can also choose to complete an internship, which provides an unmatched opportunity to practice your language skills and gain international business experience. You may choose to study for one semester or a full year. The summer Shanghai program offers two 5-week sessions that can be taken individually or back-to-back to form a 10-week session. An intensive language approach allows you to complete one semester of university foreign language coursework in five weeks, or a year in ten weeks; you may also choose courses in International Business as well as Chinese culture. If you do not wish to study Chinese intensively, you will take a 2-credit Introduction to Chinese Language course to assimilate more effectively into your living and learning environment. The summer Professional Development Internship program is an opportunity to focus on an internship and invest in your future; the 10-week program (Sessions I & II) features a 6-credit internship with the option of adding additional course electives, schedule permitting. This is an ideal opportunity to gain substantial professional experience during the summer: deepen your understanding of the Chinese business environment and market, forge valuable professional contacts and relationships, and participate in seminar meetings and reflection to fully maximize the benefit of the experience to your future career. However, the academic courses are only a part of the value of the program. Participation in field trips, campus activities, and experiencing residential student life on campus also form an integral part of the program.


  • Anthropology
  • Arts
  • Business
  • Chinese Language
  • Economics
  • Finance
  • History
  • International Studies
  • Political Science
  • Sociology


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