USAC Korea: Undergraduate courses in Gwangju

Explore one of Korea’s most historic and culturally vibrant cities!

offered by University Studies Abroad Consortium

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Gwangju is rich in cuisine, natural scenery, and culture and art, with exhibitions, festivals, and colorful, vibrant performances throughout the year. The city is home to a former World Cup Stadium venue, professional baseball and soccer, and plays host to the annual World Kimchi Culture Festival, Art and Design Biennales in alternating years, and Universiade, a university-level sports festival that is the largest multi-sport event after the Olympics. Sports, music, and cultural festivals are not to be missed as well as fashionable Chungjangno, the “street of youth.” You should not miss Mudeungsan Mountain National Park, a 30-minute bus ride from central Gwangju. The park is a vividly green mountain range with excellent trails, three rock peaks over 1,100 m, diverse ecosystems, and several endangered species. At the base of the mountain are several famous temples including Yaksaam, Jeungsimsa, and Wonhyosa as well as museums and other recreational opportunities.


  • Korean
  • Culture
  • History
  • Business
  • Business Management
  • Economics
  • Literature
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Media And Cultural Studies
  • Psychology
  • Environmental Studies
  • Health Sciences


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