USAC Netherlands: Business, European, and International Studies in Maastricht

Maastricht has everything a student could wish for: a historic city centre and countless places to eat, visit, and explore.

offered by University Studies Abroad Consortium

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Maastricht is one of the oldest cities in The Netherlands, boasting picturesque architecture, medieval town ramparts, cobblestone alleys and streets, seventeenth-century facades, and a Roman bridge. Maastricht has everything a student could wish for: a historic city centre; countless numbers of inviting sidewalk cafés, pubs, and restaurants; sports facilities; shops; and countless film, music, and theatre venues. Or get outside the city and experience the countryside by taking long, leisurely walks or mountain biking in the low green hills surrounding Maastricht. Studying abroad can be a more meaningful and invigorating learning experience than at home—both inside and outside of the classroom. You may be more curious and alert than you usually are so use this heightened energy to enhance your studies as well as your cultural and geographical explorations. You may also encounter different teaching styles and course processes; be prepared to adapt and to learn. Areas of Study Available at Maastricht University Your Maastricht University coursework will focus on the economic, political and socio-cultural aspects of Europe or approach topics from a wider international perspective. The six-week session is split into two 3-week instructional blocks, and you will enroll in one course during each block. During block one, you have the option to participate in a 4-ECTS Study Tour (2 US credits), or enroll in a 6-ECTS course (3 US credits) taught in a traditional classroom setting; during block two, you may only enroll in one 6-ECTS course (3 US credits) taught in a traditional classroom setting. Experience Europe both inside and outside the classroom, with the option to earn credit in either a traditional classroom setting and/or a study tour that combines lectures, assignments, and travel to key locations within Europe Choose from a variety of course topics that fit most majors, all with a distinctly European or international theme Live in a picture-perfect European town situated on the border of The Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany, with a medieval city centre and vibrant local culture Join in various field trips and extracurricular activities including a day trip to Amsterdam, and feel like a local by attending the many art and music festivals hosted by the city throughout the summer.


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