USAC Spain: Art History and Spanish Studies in Madrid

Enjoy the benefits of living in one of Europe’s most vibrant (and comparatively affordable) capital cities.

offered by University Studies Abroad Consortium

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Madrid is a city of great cultural and political importance. It is one of the liveliest capital cities in Europe and boasts some of the finest art museums in the world. Its location in central Spain makes it a good starting point for any trip to other Spanish cities such as Cordova, Seville, Barcelona, or Valencia or to neighboring countries like France or Portugal. There are many buses and trains that connect Madrid with these destinations and beyond. Morocco is also within easy reach, located just across the Strait of Gibraltar. The capital is a melting pot for all regions of Spain, and, more recently, for other cultures, yet it has maintained its own well-defined character. The city offers a wide variety of entertainment for people of all ages and cultural interests, as well as a wide variety of sports. Madrid has a modern infrastructure, but has successfully preserved the look and feel of many of its historic neighborhoods and streets. The result is in a cohesive blend of old and new: cobblestone streets and monumental architecture, parks, and plazas, alongside modern architecture and public art. Hence, the city is home to both ancient buildings and modern skyscrapers designed by world-renowned architects. In the same fashion, you may eat in a new gourmet restaurant or a century-old café. The local public transportation system, mainly composed of buses and a subway, makes any part of the large city easily accessible. You are encouraged to embrace and become a part of Madrid’s culture and meet local people. Without a doubt, spending the summer, semester, or year in Madrid will be the experience of a lifetime.


  • Art History
  • Arts
  • Culture
  • Literature
  • Political Science
  • Spanish


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