Empowering local community towards sustainability

Supporting service delivery in an intercultural setting

offered by Volunteer Action for Change Kenya

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Working with orphans: Kenya has a lot of orphans who have been affected by the AIDS virus as well as poverty. There is a need to help kids who have lost their parents through the epidemic. We are presently working with more than 3 local orphanages in the different parts of the Kenya. At this program you mostly help orphans kids by tutoring, home schooling and organizing creative extra-curricular activities. Cannan Orphanage was started in the year 2010 but was registered in 2011, when "Mama" was dealing with the widows, she realized that the children were the most suffering and with time her passion towards them grew so strong and strong. According to Risper, the idea to start an orphanage carne as a form of a dream something she believes is the will of the Lord. The widows at the slum developed trust of her and had no worries with their children staying at her home. These widows thought she had money but to Risper, it was a matter of having heart and begging from those who were willing to help. These Kids would follow me to my place and go back to their places after having food. Initially, the kids staying at my house were 5, they latter added up to 9. All were from Kisumu Ndogo slums. Working with youths: Youth led initiatives have gained importance in the Kenyan society by enhancing the involvement of the youth in the development process at the same time utilizing the skills and energies of young people towards making the society a better place. The focus of youth led initiatives range in a wider range from rehabilitation to education, from environmental sustainability to economic development, from enterprise development to skills development. Hence the involvement of volunteers offers an opportunity to develop the potential of the youth he the realization of sustainable development. Kipepeo Community Empowerment Program is a community Based Organization initiated in October 2009 to help spearhead community driven development initiatives and enable needy community groups participate in integrated development to achieve quality livelihood from; orphanage and rehabilitation of street children’s, support vulnerable children, voluntary work to various community projects, Community Savings and loaning , HIV/AIDS trainings & awareness Campaigns, Capacity Building, Organic Farming, Fish Farming, Clay Works, Computer Services and Eco-Tourism and Environmental Management. The program is also designed to respond to Emuhaya youths’ needs and assets; the KCEP Project aims to empower youth to make sound career and life decisions as they transition from high school to the next phase of their lives. The project is also building the capacity of local institutions and networks to sustain the much-needed services that KCEP will provide. Specifically, the KCEP Project intends to offers youth a series of inter-connected interventions to: build skills, facilitate appropriate career choices, provide employment and/or income generating opportunities, bridge technical and university education opportunities and provide fun and safe spaces. Vision: Improved quality Livelihood for orphans, street children and a Health, Empowered and self-sustainable community Mission: To support orphans, vulnerable children and street children through a rehabilitation centre and basic necessities and facilitate needy community groups to participate in integrated activities to achieve quality livelihood.


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