KCEP Empowerment Program

Working with youths to enhance sustainability

offered by Volunteer Action for Change Kenya

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KCEP is a community Based Organization initiated to help spearhead community driven development initiatives and enable needy community groups participate in integrated development to achieve quality livelihood. The program is also designed to respond to Emuhaya youths’ needs and assets; the KCEP Project aims to empower youth to make sound career and life decisions as they transition from high school to the next phase of their lives. The project is also building the capacity of local institutions and networks to sustain the much-needed services that KCEP will provide. Specifically, the KCEP Project intends to offers youth a series of inter-connected interventions to: build skills, facilitate appropriate career choices, provide employment and/or income generating opportunities, bridge technical and university education opportunities and provide fun and safe spaces. Vision: Improved quality Livelihood for orphans, street children and a Health, Empowered and self-sustainable community Mission: To support orphans, vulnerable children and street children through a rehabilitation centre and basic necessities and facilitate needy community groups to participate in integrated activities to achieve quality livelihood. Volunteer assignment Administrative work at the groups’ office Assisting in the construction work at the groups resource centre Facilitation of learning programs at the KCEP centre, establishment of structures at the garden centre, Capacity building for community projects through trainings and motivational talks Empowering minors to be self-reliant i.e. life skills lessons Painting and coming up with teaching aid at the community school Community outreach for agricultural extension and environmental conservation initiatives Computer tutoring for community youths Development of the street Kids project (rehabilitation, training, soccer) Motivational speaking especially to the girls in the centre Educational development need of the children i.e. Teaching Training and mentoring youth within the local community served Participation in the development of the OVC program.


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