Ukweli Farmers CBO

Building strong Community groups

offered by Volunteer Action for Change Kenya

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Project Summary Community development initiatives have gained importance in the Kenyan society by enhancing the involvement of community members in the development process especially the development of sustainable agricultural practices, at the same time utilizing the skills and energies available to promote product development hence bettering the lives of the local people. Hence the involvement of volunteers offers an opportunity to develop the potential of these initiatives at the same time developing that capacity of community groups towards realizing their laid down goals Project Overview The CBO has activities running on daily basis and mainly farm work which has committed and well skilled members. The CBO has 31 members of which 24 female 7 male. The project aims at striving for healthy living. The project was initiated due to high poverty within our community and increased deaths due to Aids and Malaria. Vision: To alleviate poverty and hunger through agricultural activities. Mission: Initiate and encourage income generating activities by empowering women, men and the youth to acquire agricultural modern skills and creating awareness in the field of HIV/AIDS and Malaria. Project activities done on daily basis • Sensitization of the community on HIV/AIDS and Malaria • Education on Early Child Development within the C.B.O. • Growing a variety of crops (maize, beans, soya, cassava, sweet potatoes) • Extension education to develop skills of community members • Poultry keeping • Growing of tissue culture bananas • Raiding needy children through early childhood development education • Pottery and craft • Table banking • Computer skills training for group members and local people and children Volunteer Tasks • Agricultural development (farming, poultry, cow) • Education development in the group community school: teaching • Community outreach programs • Brick making • Capacity building among group and community members • Development and maintenance of community structures • Community awareness on emerging issues • Administrative work and resource mobilization • Youth empowerment programs • Extra-curriculum activities with school children, development of swings and paying tools


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