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Thammasat University is located in the heart of central Bangkok. World Endeavors students who come to Thammasat enroll in the Thai Studies Semester, an interdisciplinary program that offers courses on Thai culture, economic development, law, religion, literature, art, and the Thai language. All the courses are taught in English, so students become familiar with this fascinating and diverse culture while getting a jump-start on learning Thai. The Thammasat campus is always busy with social, cultural, and athletic activities, and since the campus is right in the city, students can use their free time to explore and put their language and cultural skills to use. Studying at Thammasat is an exciting opportunity to become familiar with the Thai culture and live in one of the world’s most vibrant cities.


  • Thai
  • Social Sciences
  • History
  • Theology
  • Health Sciences
  • Culture


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