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For many people, the first thing that comes to mind when they think of Jamaica is warm beaches, lush vegetation, and tropical vacations. It’s no wonder this island nation has become a tourism hotspot, with its warm hospitality and English-speaking population. Tourism has helped to bolster Jamaica’s economy, but the country still faces significant economic, social, and environmental challenges. Volunteers in Jamaica gain a deeper understanding of the “real” Jamaica while making a meaningful contribution to the country’s future. World Endeavors Deaf Education volunteers in Jamaica dedicate their time and enthusiasm and partner with a Deaf education organization in Kingston. Due to the lack of a developed Deaf education system in Jamaica and the lack of resources and qualified Deaf education teachers, most Deaf students leave secondary school with less than a 5th grade reading level. Volunteers assist educators with improving literacy and promoting personal development, as well as helping improve educational facilities and opportunities for the Deaf community in Jamaica. Volunteers can have different deaf education levels, ranging from volunteers who with no signing abilities to experienced deaf educators who are fluent in sign language. Deaf students benefit from having passionate, helpful volunteers to mentor them in the areas of language, leadership, and cultural exchange. In return, volunteers build strong relationships with students and teachers alike while gaining insight into a unique community in Jamaica.


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