Summer Teaching Opportunities in Namibia

Teach English, ICT, health in Namibia

offered by WorldTeach

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WorldTeach Namibia summer volunteers serve as ICT teachers to both students and teachers/administrators, which practically means acting as a resource for improving basic computer literacy, and how to use this technology to make teaching as well as learning more effective and efficient. Moreover, because this instruction is done in English, volunteers are secondarily improving English-language skills, which is deeply needed. Not only does Namibia lack qualified teachers generally, there is an even greater shortage when accounting for the those that lack the ability to teach in English, as mandated by the government. Moreover, such shortages are exacerbated by the HIV/AIDS pandemic. As such, most volunteers are also asked to serve as teachers in other subjects, especially English, as time, scheduling and interest allows. In addition, volunteers have the chance to become involved in extracurricular activities, within their school and/or community, in a variety of areas. Many choose to teach HIV/AIDS awareness classes, athletics, and work remedially with students that need extra assistance in certain areas, like reading. With our summer program, you can also become TEFL certified to earn credibility and give you an edge in the ESL teaching job market. While certification usually costs about $1,899, with WorldTeach you can become certified for FREE while also gaining priceless in-country teaching experience. Volunteers will be placed in primary or secondary schools, in both rural and urban areas, participating in Namibia's ICT in Education Initiative. Placements are typically individual (one volunteer per school), so that the maximum number of schools can be served. While you are likely to be the only WorldTeach volunteer at your school, placements are clustered so that volunteers are within visiting distance of other volunteers. Volunteers live either in government-provided teacher housing at their school, typically with other Namibian or volunteer teachers, or with a host family. Volunteers will have their own furnished room, although share common rooms with their housemates, if they have them. WorldTeach requires that all housing have running water, electricity and fully-equipped kitchens. Volunteers are expected to be able to cook for themselves, though will often share these duties with housemates or with their host family.


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