Year-Long Funded Teaching Opportunities in China

Teach English in Hunan Province, China

offered by WorldTeach

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As a volunteer, you will serve as a full-time English language teacher in middle schools in Hunan Province ("middle schools" or "zhong xue" are China's secondary schools; the students are aged 11-18, "universities" or "da xue" are similar to those in the west). You will teach English to several grades of students with an emphasis on developing their oral English skills. While your students will have studied some English already, they may never have had the opportunity to learn from a native English speaker. Your role will be to build your students' confidence and abilities in English through creative, communicative approaches in the classroom. Our China program is fully funded by the Hunan Provincial Government. Volunteers are responsible for their own airfare and receive a stipend of $300 USD/Month to help with living expenses. With our year-long program, you can also become TEFL certified to earn credibility and give you an edge in the ESL teaching job market. While certification usually costs about $1,899, with WorldTeach you can become certified for only $350 while also gaining priceless in-country experience. In addition to teaching English classes, volunteers are encouraged to contribute to their school community in other ways. You may want to set up an English club, help in the school library or computer room, participate in sports, or help students prepare for cultural performances. You may also help local English teachers with their pronunciation skills. Volunteer placements will generally be in pairs. Your host school will provide you with a furnished foreign teacher's apartment on the school campus. You may opt to buy lunches from the school dining hall, eat at local restaurants or cook your own meals. Chinese food is rich in variety and flavor. The food in Hunan, like its population, is unique for its diversity. Rice is the staple, although noodles are also eaten. Meats, fish, eggs, tofu, and vegetables are cooked in a variety of ways, and there is plentiful fresh fruit.


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