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USAC Costa Rica: Spanish Language, Ecological and Latin American Studies in Heredia

Heredia is a quaint, colonial city nestled in the foothills above San José‚ the capital of Costa Rica. The city is surrounded by coffee plantations and ranches and is one of the gateways to the majestic Poás Volcano. The climate is temperate, with average year-round temperatures of 70°-80°F. Rainfall is spread throughout the year, but the rainiest period is May to October. Only 12 kilometers from the international airport and 25 minutes by bus from downtown San José and its one million inhabitants, Heredia offers the peace and rural beauty of a smaller city, while providing easy access to the activities of the capital. There is always something to do in Heredia, and it allows the benefit of a college city while offering a short, affordable bus ride to beautiful places such as INBIO Parque (a small local zoo), Monte de la Cruz (a hike to a beautiful lookout), and La Paz waterfall gardens. Heredia is central enough that it is an easy bus ride to all corners and coasts of the country. Heredia was founded in 1705 and is known as the Ciudad de las Flores (City of Flowers). Beautiful mountain scenery, lush vegetation, and gardens are abundant, as are a variety of Farmer’s Markets bustling with local Ticos and full of fresh vegetable and fruit. Heredia Central is where shops, restaurants, and cafes are located; Universidad Nacional de Costa Rica, where USAC courses are held, is situated only a few blocks from downtown Heredia. It’s surrounded by different neighborhoods, each with their own festivals, schools, and rhythms. Parque Central is the main historic square, surrounded by superb colonial architecture, and full of the downtown activity of cafes, restaurants, ice cream shops, and stores. It is common for the locals to sit in the park and enjoy the nice weather that Costa Rica offers. Most students in homestays will live in a neighborhood surrounding Heredia Central. Landmarks including Heredia’s historic La Immaculada Conception church, a music temple, and El Fortin—a wonderful colonial tower of the old Spanish fort. The Universidad Nacional de Costa Rica (USAC’s host university), as well as two other universities, create the feel of a college town in which you are typically surrounded by Costa Rican college students. The UNA campus is only a few blocks away from downtown Heredia. This campus allows USAC students to interact with locals and experience the culture. Here USAC students are invited to participate in classes with locals, take dance classes, play exciting games of soccer, and even have the opportunity to volunteer at local sites around Heredia.

Auckland Internship Programs

All students enroll in one required course, then enroll directly at the University of Auckland or Auckland University of Technology (AUT), depending on their specific field and interests. Students take two courses at the university of their choice and complete an 8- to 10-week internship as their fourth and final course. Fall Semester The fall semester runs for approximately 16 weeks. During the Core Phase, students take the required course for five to six weeks and enroll in two elective courses from the host university’s Semester II course selection. During the Internship Phase, students continue with their two elective courses while placed in their internship. Spring Semester The spring semester runs for approximately 24 weeks during New Zealand’s summer and fall. Therefore, students enroll in both the New Zealand summer session (January–February) and Semester I (March–June). During the summer session, students take the required course and enroll in one elective course. During Semester I, students participate in an internship and enroll in one other elective course.

Semester at Sea - Vietnam - Spring 2017 Voyage

Embarking from San Diego, the Spring 2017 will explore 11 countries throughout North America, Asia, and Africa before disembarking in Europe. The Spring 2017 voyage presents the opportunity for cultural engagement in 15 cities worldwide. Gain a new understanding of world issues and varying cultures through first-hand observation in field labs, service trips, homestays, international student exchanges, interaction with local business owners, and much more. Sail with us next spring as we explore Hawaii, Japan, China, Viet Nam, Burma, India, South Africa, Ghana, Morocco, and England!

The Culture and Politics of Reconciliation in Central Europe

We live in a world challenged by conflict. We see the traumas and traces of war, colonialism, and class, ethnic, and racial division, inscribed across the globe on bodies, landscapes, psyches, economic and social formations, and material cultures. Collectively, we search for ways to reduce violence as well as to address the outcomes of conflict. A new, fall-only program based in Wroclaw, Poland offers you a special opportunity to live in an exciting Central European metropolis, to study with a close cohort of student interested in similar subjects, to learn from dynamic faculty, and to shape individual research projects. A semester-long program based in Wroclaw, Poland, with trips to Berlin. Dresden, Prague, Krakow, Warsaw, Vilnius, and Auschwitz, The Culture and Politics of Reconciliation will tackle questions such as: How does a region with a complex, divided, and violence-ridden history find ways of recognizing and coming to terms with this history while also moving forward? What role does public memory and commemoration play in this process? How can political and legal frameworks be set to not only launch but also ensure lasting reconciliation processes? What role can students and teachers play in local processes of reconciliation and in building a more just future? (fall only)

IES Abroad Paris Summer - Intermediate Language

Learn about French culture and history while improving your French language skills in Paris, a city that comes to life in the summertime. Your intensive 6-credit intermediate French language course, taught in French by native French speakers, incorporates course-related excursions in Paris, including visits to art museums and architectural and historical landmarks.

Diversity Abroad Overseas Ambassador Scholarship

NOTE: The Overseas Ambassador Scholarship was formerly known as the Blogging Scholarship. Diversity Abroad, in cooperation with the AIFS Foundation, will offer $500 scholarships for fall and spring semester. Five scholarships are available for each semester. Economically disadvantaged students, first-generation, students with disabilities and ethnic and racially diverse students are strongly encouraged to apply. Click "visit website" above, or visit for application details and additional information.

API Volunteer in Guatemala

Guaranteed Volunteer Placement Prior to Departure API pre-arranges your volunteer project before you leave home to ensure an easy and hassle-free transition into your new life abroad. Housing and Board Basic, clean & comfortable accommodations in a volunteer guest house or with a host family. Depending upon the placement, 1-3 meals are included. Language & Cultural Activities Most API volunteer projects in Latin America include the first week of Spanish classes (15-20 hours). Additional Spanish classes may be added on to your program. Portuguese lessons in Brazil are included in Salvador de Bahia, or you many opt for lessons in the other cities. Most volunteer placement locations will have cultural activities either included or for a nominal fee (ie: salsa/merengue lessons, cooking classes, weaving, hiking/sight-seeing). Visa Assistance All volunteers to Latin America travel on the tourist visa. Please contact the country’s Embassy or Consulate to check details, or ask your API coordinator. Please note that any visa fees are the responsibility of the applicant. While we can assist you during the process, ultimately it is your responsibility to ensure that you have obtained the appropriate visa for your work experience. API has no control over the visa process and cannot guarantee that your visa application will be accepted. Arrival Pick-Up and Orientation All volunteers are picked up at the airport by our local coordinator who will then help them settle into the guest house or host family. The first week includes introductions and orientation to help you settle into your project. API Culture Kit Before your departure, we will send you a cultural kit that is filled with useful tips, advice, information, and your insurance card to prepare you for your amazing adventure of living and working abroad. Medical, Life, & Travel Insurance Medical and life insurance is provided for all participants during the program term. This insurance coverage includes medical evacuation and repatriation, as well as 24-hour support services for medical & travel issues. Full-time Representation API provides English-speaking representation in the United States and Latin America prior to, during, and after your placement. Optional international mobile plan with data coverage Opt for an AT&T mobile plan that offers low international rates, no roaming charges in over 150 countries, and bundled data and text. Current AT&T customers may simply add the coverage to their current plan and billing. Non-AT&T customers may use their own phone and swap with an AT&T SIM card.

AIFS Study Abroad in Stellenbosch, South Africa

Spectacular mountain ranges surround Stellenbosch, the university town in the winelands of the Western Cape. The elegant Cape Dutch, Georgian and Victorian houses that grace the oak tree-lined streets reflect the history of one of South Africa’s oldest towns. Take a stroll and you’ll find interesting museums, open-air coffee shops, bistros and a thriving art scene; go further afield and you can hike through vineyards, orchards and mountain ranges. Study here and become part of a vibrant academic community with a tranquil and laid-back atmosphere. AIFS in Stellenbosch offers a traditional academic program as well as a Learning for Sustainable Community Engagement Program (LSCE). Students can choose courses from Stellenbosch University’s full course catalog which cover a broad range of subjects. LSCE students take specific courses in Sustainable Community Engagement, plus one or two electives, in addition to volunteer work in the community. AIFS also offers students with an interest in art, photography, ceramics or marketing the opportunity to intern at the Ardmore Ceramic Studio in Kwazulu Natal.

CIEE Global Institute Open Campus Program in London, England

Design your ideal study abroad experience. Our Open Campus program at the new CIEE Global Institute – London offers unmatched flexibility to engage and experience this international metropolis in your own way. Match the academic experience with your interests, aspirations, and degree requirements: Pair two or three six-week blocks for your perfect amount of intensive study and cultural engagement, select your academic track from five diverse options, then choose your electives from our wide range of courses and subject areas. You can even choose a combination of CIEE courses and courses at one of our four London partner universities, where you’ll learn alongside British students. No matter how you build your program, you’ll immerse yourself in British culture – from modern sensibility spilling from the Tate Modern to beautiful tradition embodied in Westminster and Buckingham Palace. Learn in modern classrooms; get involved with fun activities, interest groups, and sports; and experience the exciting diversity that exists in different areas of the United Kingdom during excursions and multi-day study tours. ACADEMIC TRACKS Business - With global stature as an economic powerhouse and principal member of the European Union, London is an ideal place to explore economics, finance, management, strategy, and more. Communications, Journalism, and New Media - Londoners always have understood the power of the word. Tap the expertise of London’s communications leaders, and get an inside look at key media outlets with on-site visits. Health Sciences - Learn about discoveries in the United Kingdom that are improving health care for people everywhere. Compare local and global health care systems, and learn about contemporary challenges in global health. International Relations and Political Science - Dig into the complex issues that face European countries, and consider the effects they have around the world. Literature and Culture - London has as many literary heroes as it does cobblestones – and then there’s cutting-edge music, theater, fashion, a rich Royal heritage, politics, and more. Explore it as you study London’s influence on Europe and the world.


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