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Even though Central America occupies a tiny area of the total surface area of the globe, it is a region of great biological and ethnic diversity. The region is home to seven different countries and dependencies, including El Salvador, Guatemala and Panama. Even though it occupies less than 1% of the total surface of the Earth, Central America accounts for more than 7% of the total biodiversity on the planet.

Central American nations are rich in culture, history and tradition. They are proud of their history, and most of citizens take pride in showing their country to foreign eyes. The unique cultural landscape provides a one-of-a-kind experience that is inseparable from a sense of excitement and adventure. Central America is the perfect place to learn while enjoying some of life’s greatest pleasures.


If you like nature, and its power to create breathtaking landscapes and bizarre species, Central America is the place for you. Pargue Nacional Corcovado, in Costa Rica, was appropriately labeled as the most biologically intense area on the planet – it is one of the last original remaining tracts of tropical rain forest in Pacific Central America. Anitgua, Guatamala is a town full of European colonial architecture coupled with the breathtaking beauty of South American landscape creates a magical aura about the entire place. There are dozens of other can’t miss regions in South America that are treasure chests of nature’s beauty and ethnic diversity.

When to Go

If you are not a fan of winter, Central America is for you – it doesn’t really have a winter season. The temperature rarely drops below 18 degrees Celsius. Even though the area is small, it consists of nearly a dozen different climate zones, so the weather pattern is not uniform. The time at which you choose to visit Central America largely depends on your plans – you will rarely feel limited by the weather.


Central America’s high ethnic and biological diversity makes it an ideal place to study virtually any field related to culture or biology.

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