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Extensive fields of wind mills, hills of green pastures, fairytale like castles, blooming orchards and tulips, and wooden shoes combined together captures the essence of the Netherlands’ culture. However, while loyal to most of its traditions, The Netherlands today is entertaining, lively and modern. From Football, and beer to gourmet cuisine, you will find everything and more you expect in a European city. Moreover, different parts of Netherlands have varying characteristics. The capital, Amsterdam, homes grand architectures, charming canals and many famous museums; the well-preserved medieval city, Maastricht, reflects the culture of Southern Netherlands; the small, lovely city, Leiden, is known for breeding Netherland’s oldest university; and “the judicial capital”, Hague, is the residency of the Netherlands royal family. 

Netherlands runs by a constitutional monarchy system. It is one of the founding members of both NATO and EU. The country’s economy is relatively stable, but like many other European countries, Netherlands was hit by the financial crisis. It currently has a moderate inflation and unemployment rate and is seeking recovery. Behind the glory and struggle of this ancient country, lies the never-changing easy-going local atmosphere and accepting local residents. The landscape, the flower fields and the lovely culture will surely be ingrained in the memories of any student. 


Netherlands offers many clubs and restaurants. Amsterdam is known for its nightlife, where most tourists and students alike are attracted to the Red Light District that includes many clubs, and cafes as well as museums, be careful to avoid the brothels. 

When to Go

Fall is the best time to study in the Netherlands because of the warm weather which lasts from April to September, when it is warmer (around 20 degrees Celsius). The freezing days typically occur from November to March where temperatures are slightly above 0 degrees Celsius. Rainfall is constant throughout every month. One of the largest events in the country is the Holland Festival that takes place in June. 


 Higher education in the Netherlands includes vocational universities and research universities.University of Amsterdam: highly ranked and one of the most prestigious University in the Netherlands.  Erasmus University Rotterdam: A prestigious university, whose business school is one of Europe’s finest. 


 Dutch 80.7%, EU 5%, Indonesian 2.4%, Turkish 2.2%, Surinamese 2%, Moroccan 2%, Caribbean 0.8%, other 4.8% 

Healthy & Safety

Visit the CDC’s The Netherlands page for updated information on health conditions in The Netherlands.

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The Netherlands, also known as Holland, is famous for its iconic clogs, windmills, and tulips. Students choose to study in The Netherlands because the country is known for its progressive ideologies, and is very socially and politically liberal. Plus, its completely possible to navigate by bicycle!

Staying Healthy & Safe in Netherlands

Capital city Amsterdam is home to many historic and must-see museums. From the Rijksmuseum and the Van Gough Museum, to the home where Anne Frank hid durin WWII, there is no shortage of sites to see in this beautiful city full of canals.

Diversity Guide to Netherlands

  • Although generally liberal, the traditional Dutch festival known as "Sinterklaas" is one that has caused racial tension, due to the fact that residents wear "black face", depicting a character named "Black Pete" that offends many of African heritage. Students of color who study abroad during this festival in early December should be mindful of this practice at that time of the year.

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