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There’s good reason Australia is a popular study abroad destination. Magnificent beaches and some of the most diversified flora and fauna imaginable make the south pacific a terrifically unique place to seek education opportunities abroad. The Pacific/Oceania region is one of the most isolated corners of the globe, making it an interesting hotspot of biodiversity and home to a variety of different ethnicities and native tribes. The region is centered on the Island of the Tropical Pacific and consists of 14 different countries and dependencies. Today, Oceania offers a friendly population coupled with some of the most amazing leisure spots on the planet, and a nearly unmatched spectrum of biological diversity.


When you visit Ocean you will have the opportunity to visit the leisurely hotspot of the planet; Fiji’s landscape is paved with ancient plants, waterfalls, crystal clear water, and white sandy beaches. You will the opportunity to visit the Kakadu National Park in Australia, home to some of the most extraordinary wildlife on the planet. You can even relax and watch a game of rugby or cricket, which is immensely more popular on this side of the globe.

When to Go

The Pacific/Oceania offers one of the most pleasant climates on Planet Earth. Even though temperature differs by region and elevation, the weather is normally warm and sunny, and of course, rainy. Weather will not be a limiting factor if you decided to visit the Pacific/Oceania, so plan your trip however you would like. Summer marks the period of great college festivities and celebrations – if you are looking to party, this is the time to visit.

The top three universities in Australia are ranked among the top 100 universities in the world. Among these is the University of Queensland, a member of the research network, “Group of Eight.” The university places strong emphasis on biomedicine and is a leader in cancer research.

Founded in 1850, The University of Sydney holds the title as Australia’s oldest university. It is spread across sixteen different faculties and schools, emphasizing nearly every discipline from law, medicine, dentistry, business, and architecture. When it comes to research, the University of Sydney provides steep competition, having the most researchers and receiving the most grants of any Australian university.

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