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A land of rolling pastoral landscapes and soaring mountains, the geography of New Zealand is just the tip of the iceberg. In fact, New Zealand dwells in splendid geographical isolation as the largest visible part of Zealandia, a submerged continent half the size of Australia. Most people are familiar with these sights, because they served as the backdrop for the epic, Academy Award-winning Lord of the Rings series.  A developed nation, New Zealand is known for its high quality of life, pleasant people, and progressive policies. The government is rated in the top three in fiscal transparency. The culture is mostly British-influenced, with indigenous Maori and other Australasian characteristics. 

Despite being a modern nation, agriculture and livestock products such as wool and milk continue to play a major role as exports enriching the economy.Thanks to peaceful surroundings (aside from volcanoes), good weather, a prosperous land, and a different take on living, New Zealanders are reputed to find comparatively greater satisfaction in life than their wealthy and powerful Anglo-American allies.However, these surroundings are not necessarily only peaceful – thrill-seekers can go to New Zealand to try hiking (known as tramping), bungee jumping, rafting, or the bizarre sport of zorbing. According to the Zorb website, people climb into a giant inflatable ball and roll down hills, making New Zealand “lead the world in stupid things to do while you're on a vacation.” Nevertheless, New Zealand promises unforgettable experiences and sights that people will remember for a lifetime. 


The climate in New Zealand is mild with maritime temperate conditions in the south and subtropical areas on part of the northern island. 

Religion and Festivals

The majority of New Zealanders identify with various Christian denominations while a third do not identify with any religious faith. 


Most travelers arrive in New Zealand by air, since the nearest major country, Australia, is well over a thousand miles away. Buses and trains are commonly used within the country, and the roads are in good condition. Biking is also a popular option as traffic is not a problem and there is no shortage of good scenery. 


New Zealand's oldest higher education institution is the University of Otago, which was established in 1869.  On the 2014-15 QS World University Rankings, it joins six other New Zealand universities, including the University of Auckland, University of Cantebury, and Victoria University of Wellington.

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There are many scholarships to fund your study abroad experience. Here is a list of Diversity Abroad scholarships available for study in this country:

Diversity Abroad Overseas Ambassador Scholarship
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For more scholarships, visit Scholarships for Study Abroad in New Zealand

Staying Healthy & Safe in New Zealand

A couple of important links to help you stay healthly and secure while traveling to New Zealand:

Health & Saftey Information fof Travel to New Zealand

New Zealand Safety & Security Overview

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Also, here are some links to potential opportunities for students who have studied abroad and graduates interested in work opportunities in New Zealand. 

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Diversity Guide to New Zealand

  • Tips for African American Students

    Students of color who choose to study in New Zealand will find that there are foreign-born residents make up a large proportion of the population; primarily from Asian nearby Asian countries. Students should feel welcomed  overall, however some Black students may be assumed to be Americans and receive extra attention  since there isn't much of a Black population to begin with.

  • Diversity

    White 92%, Asian 7%, aboriginal and other 1%

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New Zealand is one of the most picturesque nations in the world. Known around the globe as the setting for the Lord of the Rings triology film, students can expect to spend time enjoying natural wonders -- most notably Milford Sound, Bay of Islands, or Lake Taupo. Prepare to meet indigenous Maori people as they would in their culture -- with a hongi! 

Made up of two primary islands, New Zealand is small country that remarkably has more sheep than it does human inhabitants! Home to beautifully diverse terrain, and some of the warmest people on earth, it's no wonder many students in Environmental Studies choose to study here. 

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