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Discover South America


One of the most biologically diverse continents on the planet, South America consists of twelve independent countries. South America is home to the world’s largest mountain range, the Andes, the longest rainforest, the Amazon Rainforest, and the largest river, the Amazon River. South America is also home to astounding cultural diversity; it is home to over 30 different indigenous tribes and a rich blend of cultures from across the globe.

South America’s unique blend of cultural influences and astounding natural beauty creates a perfect destination to those who seek to learn while experiencing an adventure. You will have opportunities to witness the continent’s rich variety of music, with influential genres like Tango, Bossa Nova and Samba. Life in South America is never bland or boring, part of the reason might be the exotic landscapes, some of which are paved with active volcanoes. However, most of South America’s ambience can be attributed to the spirit and energy of its people.


South America is considered an exotic destination: giant mountain ranges, volcanoes, rivers, waterfalls and jungles – is there anything else missing? You will have the opportunity to visit the ancient Inca ruins of Machu Picchu, to visit the volcanic Galapagos Islands, which played a pivotal role in Darwin’s formulation of the Theory of Evolution and Natural Selection, to run across the beaches of Rio de Janiero, and navigate the steamy jungles of the Amazon. If you are a fan of outdoor adventures, South America is for you; you will have the opportunity to go on hiking and biking adventures, in places like Reserv Cuscho Ltda, take a boat trip on the Amazon River, and many others. If humanities and culture is more of your interest, there are hundreds of historic sites and museums like Museo Rafael Larco Herrera in LimaPeru, which has one of the largest ceramic collections in the world.

When to Go

Even though South America stretches across a variety of climate zones, the climate is predominantly wet and hot. The closer you move to the equator, the more rainfall you will encounter. South American climate is generally uniform, so when you choose to visit largely depends on your circumstances and preferences.


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