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story by Trixie Cordova

Going through an internship overseas is like going to the gym: it’s an uncomfortable but exhilarating process that will make you better in the long term. Spending time in an unfamiliar culture away from your family and friends may be tough at first, but you get a lot of advantages from it. You become aware of different cultures, you get to cultivate valuable skills and a good working attitude for your future career, and you may even make lifelong friends.  

Maybe you already know the benefits but are still asking yourself, “What kind of internship should I pursue?” It really depends on what you want. Internship programs are only valuable if they are relevant to your passion and give you a leg up in getting the best jobs for the future labor market. Life’s about the journey, not the destination. But if you’re looking for the best internship program to prepare you for your desired career, the destination matters.

University of Westminster in London, England with CEA

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The University of Westminster provides the ideal internship for college students who are aiming for a career in finance. London is Europe’s financial and banking center, so landing an internship here would provide an edge, especially if you aim to work in the European market. There are also many opportunities to appreciate the museums, the theater, the pubs, the soccer games, the fashion, and other elements that make up the quintessential London experience. If you want to be a financial manager or personal financial advisor someday, this is definitely a great opportunity.

Internship in Latin America with The Intern Group

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Did you know that nursing is projected to be one of the top growth markets for jobs in the next 10 years? The Latin America international internship program offered by The Intern Group includes opportunities for nursing, health science, and physical therapy, making the internship  ideal for a medical science career. There’s a wide range of other possible fields to choose from, including professional writing, engineering, cultural studies, and liberal arts. Located in Colombia, this internship program gives participants a wide variety of professional opportunities while letting them experience Latin American culture firsthand.

Internship in Shanghai, China with Academic Programs International

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An internship in China is great for those who want to pursue a career based in Asia. It’s a global economic superpower, and it also has great cultural significance. Shanghai, China’s largest city, offers a variety of attractions that will mesmerize first-time visitors, including the Longhua Temple and Pagoda, the China Art Museum, and The Bund. You can get an internship in business, accounting and finance, management, STEM subjects, and many others. If you want to hone your skills in Chinese translation or interpretation, this will definitely help.

IES Abroad Sydney Summer Internship in Australia

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The Land Down Under is a country with European roots, but the Polynesian climate has infused Australians with a generally sunny disposition. Sydney is one of Australia’s most progressive cities, with more than 4.6 million residents and boasting a unique fusion of culture and languages. No matter where you’re from, you can find something familiar. Participants in the summer internship program can visit the world-famous Sydney Opera House, Sydney’s beaches, the Royal Botanic Garden, and other notable sites. Fields with available internship opportunities include accounting, marketing, education, advertising, and business.

Internship in Madrid with The Intern Group

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Going through an internship abroad in Madrid will help you acquire valuable career experience and gain a greater appreciation of the world.  And one of the places in Europe most worthy of appreciation is Madrid, Spain. Through this program, The Intern Group has placed interns at leading companies such as Grant Thornton and Mazars, which may mean paid internships abroad for participants who are lucky enough (though paid internships usually involve less hands-on mentoring compared to unpaid internships). Local attractions include Retiro Park and Prado Museum, which you may visit during your free time. Internships in accounting, finance, graphic design, marketing, and higher education are available.

Internship in Hong Kong with The Intern Group

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Hong Kong is one of the main shopping and dining destinations in Southeast Asia, making it an ideal location for those who want international jobs in that region. The Hong Kong program promoted by The Intern Group offers internship opportunities in reputable companies such as TedX and Credit Swiss. Internship spots in graphic design, computer information systems, and management information systems, which is great for those looking to break into the IT industry, are up for grabs. There are also courses in international education, business, marketing, translation and interpretation, and finance, all of which have been projected as growth areas in the US labor market by 2025.

Dresden Internship Program in Germany Offered by Boston University

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Genetic counseling is another job area that is projected to boom, and that’s understandable: who wouldn’t want the chance to learn in advance what health problems their DNA makes them predisposed to? Becoming an international student at the prestigious Technische Universität Dresden will definitely help those already taking science courses prepare themselves to be competitive in the field. The internship program lets you choose from several fields including biochemistry, biology, and science. Since Dresden is centrally located, those who want to take a year abroad traveling through Europe could still benefit from this program.

Dublin Summer Internship Program in Ireland Offered by Boston University

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If you prefer a European destination for business internships, then Dublin might be the place for you. While Dublin is decidedly less cosmopolitan than London, it still offers a unique experience you can expect from the United Kingdom. The coursework is complemented by excursions to selected cultural and historical sites. Some of Dublin’s best attractions are St. Patrick’s Cathedral, the Guinness Storehouse, and the Science Gallery. The program offers internships in marketing, business management, and finance, all of which are predicted to be significant growth industries in the US labor market within 10 years.

IES Abroad Santiago Summer Internship in Chile

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The home of Pablo Neruda, Chile may not be as famous as, say, Brazil, as far as Latin American destinations go, and the capital city of Santiago isn’t a summer beach destination (but the program includes a possible field trip to Viña del Mar). Santiago does have some things going for it, though: permanent art installations and murals displayed throughout the city, a delectable selection of seafood-based delicacies, a chance to enjoy a 360-degree view from above the city, and art and science museums. Summer internships offer a variety of subjects, including accounting, finance, business, education, and marketing.

Atlantis Project Hospital Internships in Spain or Portugal

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The Atlantis Project offers students a chance to participate in an enriching medical intern program abroad. Spanish and Portuguese cultures have a passionate appreciation for drama, music, and art, which interns can truly immerse themselves in. Food and festivals punctuate philanthropic activities such as teaching English, volunteering, and participating in research. Of course, the main purpose is to have practical medical experience. If you’re decided on a career in health service, you can definitely benefit from this program. Atlantis Fellows get to dive deep into medicine, nursing, and other health-oriented studies while experiencing the rhythms and flavors of the Mediterranean.

No matter where you go, picking the right internship abroad will give you a valuable head start. It can also expand your perspective. Many participants leave their homes proud and excited, and come back humble and thankful. After all, the world doesn’t owe anyone a good career. But if you choose the right program, the advantages of getting an internship abroad surely will help you get one.

Trixie Cordova


Trixie is the Student Outreach Coordinator at Diversity Abroad. She studied abroad in Italy as an undergraduate at UC Berkeley, then went on to be an Assistant Language Teacher on the Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) Program for 2 years. She has her MA in International Education from Teachers College, Columbia University.

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