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story by Maggie Kelley

Get to know the 2016 Summer Fellows

This summer, Diversity Abroad is excited to introduce our supporters and readers to an incredible group of study abroad alumni that are joining our team to develop new student resources for It’s so important to us that our website be a space for student voices to be heard, especially those from diverse and underrepresented backgrounds. When seeking qualified candidates, we knew to look no further than participants of the Global Student Leadership Summit. All four summer fellows attended the Global Student Leadership Summit where they collaborated with other students from across the nation to develop systems of support and outreach for minority communities.  As fellows, they will work in the international education field while learning about the needs of diverse underrepresented groups and the individuals who support their involvement in education abroad learning opportunities.

Amira Beasley


Amira is a senior at Miami University in Ohio. She studied abroad in Madrid, Spain in Spring 2015. Her primary motivation was to improve her spanish, but she also wanted to have the opportunity to visit other European countries. Over her time abroad, she travelled to 14 cities in Spain.

Amira became involved with Diversity Abroad in Spring 2016 when a study abroad advisor at her school mentioned the 2016 Global Student Leadership Summit in Atlanta, GA. After doing some research about Diversity Abroad, Amira immediately knew that she wanted to be a part of the vision and message of Diversity Abroad.

At the beginning of this summer, Amira spent two weeks in Buenos Aires, Argentina with Black Beyond Borders.  In addition to working hard for Diversity Abroad this summer, Amira hopes to travel to at least one US city that she has not yet travelled to before classes start in August.

Isra Eldosougi       


Isra is a recent graduate of Bergen Community College. Her favorite foods are kiwi gelato and matcha green tea. In 2011, Isra took a gap year to visit Khartoum, Sudan in order to learn more about the culture there and connect with her roots. During Summer 2015, Isra studied abroad in Madaba, Jordan with the goal of learning arabic and about the Jordanian culture through the Critical Language Scholarship Program.

During her time abroad her cohort hiked large sand dunes that became mountainous cliffs in Wadi Rum. The experience was “beautiful, spectacular, and surreal.” At the top a few of the members of her cohort began to sing and then they all sat back to enjoy the view. They went back to their campsite and enjoyed a night of good food, upbeat music, and great tea while they gazed at the night sky. One of her friends even gave a performance singing a popular song in Arabic.

Isra’s motivation for joining the Diversity Abroad team is being able to contribute to a great organization that encourages students with underrepresented backgrounds to study abroad. The experience can change lives.

Mylaica Conner

image1 (4).JPG

Mylaica is a recent graduate of the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

In Spring 2014 she went to to Beijing and Xi'an, China for an opportunity to do psychology research. She then spent the Spring 2016 semester at University Leiden in the Netherlands to fulfill her 4th semester language requirement of Dutch.

Mylaica worked as a Diversity Programming Intern for the Center for Global and Intercultural Study at the University of Michigan and was able to attend the 1st annual Global Student Leadership Summit. After attending the conference and learning more about Diversity Abroad, she became very interested in expanding the Diversity Abroad mission.

This summer, in addition to her role as Summer Fellow, Mylaica hopes to find full-time employment during her year-long gap before returning to school for her Masters and PhD degrees. The next language that she plans to pursue and explore is Afrikaans.

Maggie Kelley

Maggie attends Georgia Tech where she is pursuing a BS and an MS in Public Policy. She spent the Spring 2016 semester studying abroad in New Zealand, Australia, and Fiji. One of the key highlights of her trip was being able to meet and talk to the Prime Minister of New Zealand. Her cohort was able to have a private 15 minutes in a Q&A session with Prime Minister John Key and Maggie was able to ask two questions, both pertaining to the 2015 COP21 conference in Paris and New Zealand’s plans for increasing their model for sustainability worldwide.

Maggie became initially involved with Diversity Abroad by attending the 2016 Global Student Leadership Summit in Atlanta. After realizing how much her perspective shifted from being abroad long term, she wanted to make sure that there was equitable access and opportunity for minority groups to have international experiences.

Over the summer Maggie is also working for Georgia Tech Leadership Education and Development as well as Georgia Tech Competitive Sports in Atlanta. She is looking forward to starting graduate classes in the fall, but before that she hopes to visit all of Georgia’s natural caves and waterfalls.


Maggie Kelley


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