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story by Deidre Ellis

Here’s the scenario: You’re back from study abroad. Reminiscing about the life changing experience you just had. You realize you have thousands (literally!) of photos from the last few months thanks to always having your phone or camera with you. Now that you’re back, what do you do with all of those photos? Do you just upload them all to facebook? Here are some other great ideas to preserve those memories.

Enter a photo contest. Many study abroad organizations have photo contests for their returning students. Not only is it an awesome way to relive your experience, but you also have the opportunity to win prizes!

Make wall art for your room. Why purchase a painting of the Eiffel Tower when you took one yourself? Blow up your photos and get them printed on canvas or get them framed to make your room into an “art gallery” featuring the world traveling photographer – you!

Record a digital story. Digital stories are unique ways to tell about your experience through your photos in a few short minutes. By putting your photo into a slide show and recording a voice over, you’ll have a ready made answer for all of the friends and family who ask you “So, how was it?” over the next year. Check out some other study abroad digital stories here.

Create postcards for friends and family (or yourself). Creating personalized postcards is a unique (and inexpensive!) souvenir for friends and family. Use your photos to create postcards on any of the photo printing websites like Zazzle or Vistaprint or even at your local drugstore. (See article photo from YoungHouseLove.com).

Create a photo book, photo album, or scrapbook. Creating a way to keep all of your photos together is easiest done in a photo book or photo album. The great thing about photo books is that you can create them at a relatively low cost, and they last a long time. It also takes a little less effort than a scrapbook. On some photo printing websites, like Snapfish or Shutterfly, they will automatically create the layout for you! You could even have a series of photo books related to various aspects of your experience (for those of us who took a lot of pictures). Look for groupons or living social deals, too!
Hopefully, this list will get your creative juices flowing. The goal is simple – get those photos off the camera or computer and do something with them! 

What did we miss? What are some other ways to use those study abroad photos?
Deidre Ellis


Deidre is a Memphis native, a Howard University graduate, and a study abroad alumni turned advocate (Milan, Italy) who has visited over a dozen countries since her study abroad experience. She now serves as the Student Services Manager for Diversity Abroad.

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