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  • Financing Your Global Program With Fellowships

    A list of well-known fellowships for individuals seeking funding for graduate studies or research opportunities abroad.

  • Considering a Graduate Degree in Education

    Graduate school programs that specialize in education train and prepare you for a profession that is both challenging and worthwhile.

  • Internationalizing Your Graduate Education: Engineering

    According to the Federal Government’s Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) system, there are 17 different specializations you can choose in looking at opportunities in engineering. Though there…

  • How to Market Your Study Abroad Experience to Employers

    How do you let employers know that you haven't just spent your entire semester train hopping from one tourist destination to another? How do you make sure your study abroad experience is unique? Here…

  • GSLS 2018 in Review

    GSLS provided a necessary space for diverse study abroad alumni to find community in one another while unpacking their experiences abroad.

  • An Opportunity to Grow: Global Student Leadership Summit in Review

    The Global Student Leadership Summit (GSLS) brought together dynamic young leaders with a demonstrated commitment to global citizenship and the responsibilities that come with it. I was honored to be…

  • 4 Steps to Land an Internship Abroad

    If you’re considering or have decided to do an internship abroad, we’ve compiled a few steps to ensure you are prepared for the process and secure the right one for you!

  • Map Out Your Success: A Guide To Creating A Career Development Plan

    There is no single formula to success, which is what makes our professional journeys dynamic and worth the while! Reflecting on your interests, what drives you and skills you want to acquire is usefu…

  • Considering a Degree in Computer Science and Information Technology

    The need for people with advanced skills in technology and information systems has increased exponentially in the past few years. Graduate programs in these subjects will not only teach you how to ha…

  • Considering a Degree in Economics

    Advanced degrees in economics can lead to an MA, MS or PhD. It’s important to investigate several programs to determine which will be the best fit for you.

  • Why Intern Abroad?

    Is an internship abroad for you? There are a few factors that should play a part when deciding to participate in an internship in another country.

  • The Perks of Paid and Unpaid Internships

    It’s obviously ideal to secure a paid internship, but if you do come across an internship that excites you and is unpaid, don’t totally rule it out just yet. Below we note a few perks of both paid an…

  • Choosing the Right Internship

    No matter your major or professional goals, you are bound to find an internship opportunity that caters to your studies, interests or overall graduation requirements. With so many options available, …

  • Benefits to Interning Abroad

    Thinking of ways to be a standout candidate when applying to your dream job or graduate program post-graduation? Taking on a meaningful internship abroad provides you with an unmatched opportunity fo…

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