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Diversity Abroad Passport Tour - What's it all about?

Posted on May 07, 2019

Each year, Diversity Abroad embarks on the Passport Tour to visit a set of campuses across the United States. It is our way of bringing our resources directly to YOU - the students. Find out all that it entails below:

What is the Passport Tour?

The Passport Tour, launched in 2008, is Diversity Abroad’s nationwide campus-based initiative designed to introduce resources and opportunities to students across the country, particularly those from diverse and underrepresented backgrounds.


Is the Passport Tour for me?

The Passport Tour is for ALL students on campus, but especially those who identify with a group that has not historically gone abroad. This includes, but is not limited to, Black, Indigenous and People of Color, students with disabilities, LGBTQ students, STEM majors, religious minorities, first-generation college students, and students with high financial need.

What’s the Passport Tour goal on campus?

Our priority is to meet YOU. This can look like a quick announcement in your classrooms or tabling in the student union. We often coordinate with your institution’s study abroad office to schedule an information session, so you can gain insight about Diversity Abroad and how we can support you. We’re likely to attend your study abroad fair, too!

Diversity Abroad aims to collaborate with departments that support you throughout your academic experience. This includes the study abroad office, career services, the Office of Multicultural Affairs or student services. We also recognize that many students that benefit from our resources study throughout across all academic disciplines, so we’ll even reach out to a select number of professors to coordinate a quick presentation or full classroom session!


So, are you competing with the study abroad office on our campus?

Absolutely not! Diversity Abroad doesn’t organize or lead global programs. We create resources to support students participating in global programs. We work with the study abroad office to ensure students are aware of our whereabouts on your campus for the day to learn about and have access to our resources.

If you don’t offer global programs, what are you promoting?

Diversity Abroad wants you to be informed about the importance of study abroad, the different types of global opportunities that are out there and the amount of scholarship funds available to you as a student. We’ll highlight additional resources such as destination and identity-specifc guides to ensure you feel prepared and supported throughout the process.

Which campuses will you visit this year?

Keep an eye out for the dates and locations for the Fall 2019 Passport Tour on our event page. You can also stay up-to-date on the tour via #ThePassportTour or #diversityabroad and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to find out where we’ll be next!

Will the Passport Tour come to my campus?

We try to plan the tour at least a year in advance, so while we can’t guarantee we’ll be in your neighborhood this year, we’re excited to know you’re interested in us making a visit to your campus! Feel free to e-mail our Student Services team at for more information.

In the meantime, our online resources are available 24/7 at!

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