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Religious Students in Jordan

Posted on October 14, 2020


Jordan is a Muslim majority country with a Christian minority of 6%, that mainly lives in the Jordan Valley and the capital, Amman. When many think of the Middle East, or an Arabic speaking country, Islam immediately comes to mind. Christian Arabs are often overshadowed, however Christians in Jordan, and other areas of the Middle East, have a long and strong history. Catholicism and Orthodox Christianity are the most common types of Christianity practiced in Jordan. Jordan has a reputation for religious acceptance and peace, specifically between its’ Muslim and Christian populations. Madaba is a city known for its Christian History, and has well known churches and museums. Jordan is home to many places important to religious history, including Mount Nebo and the site where Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist. The church where the Ark of Covenant is located and the Altar of Incense are also popular religious sites. Jordan has a clear, strong Islamic culture, and the Christian population faces the challenges of being a minority group. It has been said that Muslim-Christian relations in Jordan are a great model for peace and acceptance. There may be social tensions in Jordan among different religious groups, like in many countries that had a majority religion, but that is something that is not publicly reported on.

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