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Students of Color in Austria

Posted on October 14, 2020


Although the vast majority (91.1%) of Austrians are of Austrian descent, the country has large Eastern European and Turkish communities, particularly in its urban areas. Due to the homogenous nature of Austria, students of color may feel or be treated as "other". These students may face racial stereotypes, however Austria overall is a country that promotes multiculturalism. Students of color may be one of few minority members within their program, and thus work and live with individuals who have limited understanding of their backgrounds. Men and women of color have noted that, as a result of being an “other” in Austrian society, they are saddled with racial stereotypes that result in excessive curiosity or eroticization, as most sex workers are foreigners. The experience of U.S. students of color is likely to be fairly different than that of African or Middle Eastern immigrants to Austria, whose national origins may incur them additional stigma.

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