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These Great Places Will Make You Want to Teach English Abroad

Posted on May 06, 2016

For those of us with wanderlust, the dream job is one that allows us to continue spending as much time abroad as possible. For many native English speakers, that dream is easily realized with the abundance of ESL jobs abroad. Consider teaching abroad if you’d like to be sharing a portion of your expertise to a diverse audience while enjoying the leisure of travel and adventure at the same time. If that isn’t the perfect life, what is?

With over 1.7 billion people worldwide interested in learning the English language, the market for ESL teaching is growing by the minute. Even without any teaching experience, native speakers can join the market as long as they have a TEFL certification, the ultimate ticket to an enriching adventure. Because of this, tens of thousands of native English speakers explore the international market every year to experience the opportunity of a lifetime. If you want your share of the fun, check out these awesome places that fully embrace ESL teachers.

Land of the Morning Clam (South Korea)

In the heart of Asia lies a modern country that is home to around 25,000 young expats who make a fortune teaching English to a foreign but friendly audience. South Korea, dubbed as the “Land of the Morning Calm,” is loved by many ESL teachers for a reason. Not only does it extend competitive salaries and benefits, it also offers a rich history that never fails to inspire. From a battle-scarred, third-world nation, South Korea has emerged as an economically progressive country that is considered today as one of the world’s pioneers in technological advancement. South Korea can make your ESL job seem like a holiday.

The Red Fury (Spain)

In spite of the economic recession that recently hit it, Spain remains an active market for those who want to teach English abroad. The Spanish government is actively seeking for teachers who wish to travel around Europe while doing a job that pays enough. Though the rates in Spain are not as attractive as those offered in Asia or the Middle East, staying in Spain is still a catch because of its rich heritage. The food alone is one reason. Combine that with a vibrant club scene and a unique, robust culture, and you have the recipe for an excellent teaching experience in Europe.

Land of the Rising Sun (Japan)

Japan is called the “Land of the Rising Sun” because it is where the future of Asia shines brightly. Known internationally as a hub for education, Japan is stepping up its game by opening its doors to more English teachers who are interested in living in a place where the traditional meets the contemporary. Though the cost of living in this advanced Asian country is high in urban cities, the compensation packages offered by the government and by private sectors are highly likely to exceed general living standards. What’s more, this country houses truly unique dishes and tea ceremonies in the world—an important detail that the 4,000 expats whom it entertains on an annual basis will be glad to know.

Land of Poets (Chile)

South America is migrating to the global communication platform. This is why Chile, a South American country with an excellent reputation for being among the best to live in, is entertaining young English teachers who are excited to be immersed in a new culture. Chile is a country rich in resources, so there is always plenty of room for adventure. Its breathtaking natural wonders will grant any traveler, let alone any young immigrant, the best overseas job experience ever.

The Red Dragon (China)

If you think that as a young professional you cannot score an entry-level job abroad, then you’re gravely mistaken. With almost 300 million Chinese trying to master the English language, China is proactively looking for professionals, regardless of age and background, to join in its pursuit for global learning. Free housing and airfare are only two of the numerous benefits that ESL teachers receive every year. With high market demands and competitive salaries and benefits, it seems as though ESL teachers in China couldn’t possibly ask for more. Still, they can’t refuse an added bonus: the opportunity to experience one of the oldest and greatest civilizations in the world firsthand. Who would want to miss that?

Land of the Palms (Brazil)

The 2016 Summer Olympics is not the only reason to visit Brazil this year. As an emerging global player, Brazil is now a key participant in teaching abroad programs. ESL teachers can look forward to teaching in popular spots like Rio de Janeiro, Bahia, and São Paulo. Wouldn’t that be a treat for anyone who loves tropical adventures? Indeed, Brazil is a new teaching destination that ESL teachers can be excited about.

Land of Smiles (Thailand)

What’s not to love about the “Land of Smiles?” Thailand may not be a futuristic country like Japan or South Korea, but it surely has its own treasures to boast. First, there’s the warm climate that summer-loving foreigners from colder regions will surely appreciate. Next, there are tropical beaches, the perfect getaway for English teachers who want to unwind. And of course, there’s the exceptional food selection that paints an authentic taste of Asia. If you're going to teach abroad, Thailand should be on your list.

If there’s a place that matches the Land of Smiles, it’s the Happiest Country in the World. That moniker alone should make you want to extend your job search to Costa Rica, a booming market for teaching English abroad. Costa Rica is such a popular destination for ESL teachers because it embraces young expats unreservedly. Just make sure that you have your TESL certification ready, so you will be set to work in one of the most amazing places on earth.

Anatolia (Turkey)

Turkey is a country of distinction. As the ultimate intersection of history and culture, the great Anatolia has always been and always will be an exciting destination for all kinds of travelers. If you want to work abroad, make sure to give Turkey a chance because this country will never disappoint you. Not only is it a large, fast-growing market for teaching English abroad, it is also a tourist spot known above all else for its beautiful cosmopolitan architecture and tantalizing Mediterranean beaches. When you’re in Turkey, you won’t even feel like you’re working at all.

The Coffee Growers (Colombia)

Colombia is intensifying its efforts to erase its past reputation marred with drug violence and political turmoil by migrating more aggressively into the global space. Today, it is known as one of the top destinations for ESL teachers who want to experience something new. If you give Colombia a try, you’ll see that this vibrant country is home to colorful markets, splendid beaches, and lush tropical forests. You’ll find that the country’s climate is very inviting since it’s practically spring and summer all year round.

City of Gold (Dubai)

Many ESL teachers increasingly discover why Dubai is called the “City of Gold.” Imagine teaching English in that country for one year, then walking out with no less than $50,000. If that’s not a profitable exchange, what is? The salary is just one small part of the bargain. Put the free airfare, free furnished housing, paid vacation, and health insurance together and you’ll get a clearer image of how prosperous the Dubai economy is. All that and we haven’t even mentioned the camels and the indoor skiing. Undoubtedly, the City of Gold will suit any ESL teacher who has a knack for modern living in a Middle Eastern oasis.

Authored by: Trixie Cordova

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