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Top Majors for Studying Abroad in the Netherlands

Posted on November 07, 2019

The Netherlands is affectionately known for its beautiful fields of tulips, wooden shoes, canals, bicycle culture and for its cultural diversity, particularly in cities like Amsterdam. . The Netherlands is also home to world-renowned universities including the Delft University of Technology and the University of Amsterdam. So it’s not surprising that the Netherlands is a popular study and intern abroad destination, especially if you’re majoring in the following five subject areas:



The Delft University of Technology is world-renowned for its engineering programs, including civil, mechanical and aerospace. With most of the east and north side of the country surrounded by coastal waters, and an abundance of bridges and canals - especially in Amsterdam ), the Netherlands is an ideal location to hone your environmental engineering skills. Other relevant opportunities that can accompany and enhance your engineering skills are sustainability programs. With almost as many bikes in the country as there are people, the Netherlands would make for a unique location to learn about sustainable urban transportation and city planning.

Art History

Some scholars refer to the seventeenth century as the Golden Age of Dutch art. Studying abroad in the Netherlands will also grant you access to local museums and art lessons. One notable artist who was born in the Netherlands was Vincent Van Gogh. The Van Gogh Museum, located in Amsterdam, was later opened by his family and is visited by thousands of people annually. Other must-see museums are Rijksmuseum with its vast collection, the Stedelijk Museum for its unique architecture and contemporary art collection, or the popular Rembrandt House.


Sociology & Psychology

Learn about contemporary issues affecting Dutch culture and have an opportunity to think critically and process information in a safe educational space. If you decide to study in Amsterdam, you can visit the Anne Frank House and engage in a group discussion with others about the impacts of war and the persecution of others based on religion. The University of Amsterdam offers undergraduates the opportunity to take a few courses at their acclaimed graduate school of social science. Summer programs cover a diverse range of topics including sexuality studies, conflict resolution, or urban studies. If you enjoy the program, you may also want to consider looking at their graduate level degrees.


Have you ever wanted to expand your knowledge of the European Union while taking classes in Europe? Imagine taking your knowledge on e-business, entrepreneurship, economics, and corporate responsibility and comparing it to that of a progressive European country. There are study abroad opportunities that allow you to learn about Dutch business first hand by going on field study trips to local business hubs. Don’t forget to bring your resume and business cards as you network with professionals internationally.

Law & Criminal Justice

One of the Netherlands major metropolitan cities is The Hague, which is home to Europol and the Peace Palace. Deepen your understanding of international policies that affect the local and national government, then and engage in a comparative dialogue with your peers who come from all over the world. Travel over to the capital city, Amsterdam, to learn international law from a European perspective. Having this global perspective is not only personally beneficial, but it can help you stand out on your law school application or as you pursue a career in criminal justice.

This is only a snapshot of the educational opportunities the Netherlands offers for students interested in to study abroad. Are you interested in exploring more options in the Netherlands? Check out Diversity Abroad’s international programs directory and find a program that works for you and be sure to talk with friends or other students you have traveled, studied or lived in the Netherlands to get first hand perspectives on Dutch life and culture.



Daneen is the Community Engagement Coordinator for Diversity Abroad. She completed her M.A. in Educational Leadership at the University of Central Florida. During her time at UCF she studied in Florence, Italy and volunteered in Cape Town, South Africa.

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