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BCA Tetouan, Morocco [Summer]

• Experience Moroccan hospitality firsthand and live in the friendly and picturesque city of Tetouan. With a small, coastal feel and cultural hot spots, the welcoming city offers many treasures for visitors.
• Dedicate yourself to jump-starting or improving your Arabic language skills by studying Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) and living with a host family.
• Critically analyze the relationship between human rights in Islam and the policies and practices in modern secular states. In the BCA course, you’ll also discuss topics like the right to freedom of thought as well as rights of minority groups, women and children.

Possible BCA excursions and cultural activities…
• Tangier: After WWII, Tangier became an International Zone that attracted eccentric foreigners, artists, spies and hippies and this unique history is still evident in the culture today.
• Chefchaouen: Considered one of the most picturesque towns in all of Morocco and known as the “Blue Pearl” for it’s blue-washed buildings, this small mountain village is situated in the beautiful Rif mountain range.
• Dar Senaa Royal Artisan School: See age-old techniques for painting, woodwork, metalwork, ceramics, stucco carving and textiles, among others.

Dar Loughat Cross-Cultural Language Center can accommodate students with all levels of Arabic language proficiency. You do not need any prior Arabic experience to participate in the program. Before beginning your studies, you’ll take a placement exam to confirm that you’ll be appropriately challenged in your coursework. All BCA students are also required to take a Human Rights in Islam course. The course includes a general introduction to moderate Sunni Islam before examining relevant issues relating to the nature of both human rights and Islamic law from that perspective.

Weave through the maze-like streets of the five-centuries-old medina (historical town) of Tetouan and shop in the weekly souq (local market) in the Angra Region. The small size of the city allows you to easily become integrated in the local culture, meet residents and call Tetouan home. By living with a host family, you can learn about local traditions and daily life in Morocco as you share meals and spend time together. As part of the program you also have the chance to see demonstrations on henna, music, local arts, pastry and Arabic calligraphy.

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  • Arabic
  • Humanities
  • Political Science

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