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BCA Valldolid, Spain [Summer]

• Select the summer program that fits your academic needs and personal schedule with our June Spanish Language and Culture Program or six-week Intensive Spanish Language and Culture Program.
• Push yourself to make the most of your summer abroad by studying in a city with few American tourists or English-language speakers so you can develop your language skills and an appreciation for authentic Spanish culture.
• Live with a host family to improve your language skills and learn more about the customs and culture of Valladolid. 

Possible BCA excursions and cultural activities…
• Segovia: Admire this historic city’s rich architectural legacy including an iconic ancient Roman aqueduct with more than 160 arches and Alcázar Castle which inspired Walt Disney.
• Salamanca: Experience this city’s vibrancy through its history that predates ancient Rome, varied architecture and large international student population. The city is known to have one of the most beautiful plazas mayores in Spain.
• Hidden Gems of Valladolid Tour: Hunt for treasures within your host city unknown to even some locals.

Universitas Castellae hosts a small number of U.S. and other international students each summer who are focused on Spanish language and cultural immersion. Small class sizes mean that you can receive individualized attention from your faculty. Universitas is located in the heart of Valladolid with classrooms in the historic and culturally significant Plaza del Viejo – the city’s first bullring. Classes usually occur in the morning, so you can use the afternoon to interact with native speakers. On BCA’s website, you can find more information about the courses available for the upcoming summer.

Valladolid’s streets are full of history that can be felt not only in the buildings but also in the customs that are still observed there. As the former capital of Spain, the city takes great pride in its past and has a vibrant community full of local shops, cafés and restaurants. Living with a host family gives you the chance to get to know their traditions and local culture as you share meals and conversations each day. If you are a business or health science student, you can connect to local organizations through observation placements for the summer.


  • Art History
  • Business
  • Health Sciences
  • History
  • Hospitality
  • Spanish Literature
  • Spanish
  • Spanish Language Literature and Studies

Required Languages:


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