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C.V. Starr Middlebury School in Hangzhou, China

Middlebury College and CET Academic Programs invite you to attend the C.V. Starr-Middlebury School in Hangzhou, China, a unique Chinese immersion program designed specifically to provide advanced-intermediate and advanced students the kind of challenge and flexibility they need. School in China students follow an individualized curriculum, including a one-on-one tutorial, in part designed by the student and a specialized drill session with one other student and one instructor. To help integrate them fully into campus life, students live with a Chinese roommate, an arrangement that challenges more than just students\' language skills. In addition to arranging excursions and activities, resident staff encourage students to pursue individual co-curricular interests outside the classroom. Finally, the program requires that students speak Chinese at all times. While the Middlebury Language Pledge may be a challenge to maintain, students find that they excel in this environment and are rewarded at the end of the program with substantially increased proficiency in Chinese. There are also C.V. Star Middlebury Schools in Kunming and Beijing. Need a jumpstart on the Spring semester? Consider CET\'s January Term -- an intensive, four-week program in Beijing. Highlights * Chinese roommates * Student-designed, one-on-one tutorials * Chinese Language Pledge And for qualified academic year students: * Internships * Direct enrollment in Chinese university courses

Required Languages:

Atleast 4 Semesters of Previous Chinese Study