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These programs provide academic and hands-on learning opportunities at Germany’s leading universities of applied sciences. Students can choose from three program tracks: (1) a study semester at one of the seven UAS7 members (Study Program – SP); (2) an internship of 2-6 months at a UAS7 campus lab (Internship Program – IP); or (3) a study semester at a UAS7 member followed by an internship in the private sector, research institute or at a campus lab (Study and Internship Program – SIP). Terms of Awards: Top SIP and SP applicants are awarded a DAAD Scholarship including a monthly stipend of ca. € 650 during the six months of university study. DAAD also covers health insurance and provides a lump sum towards travel costs. During the internship, most SIP students are paid by the company or research institute, with varying compensation rates depending on standards in the sector. Other qualified applicants to SIP, SP and IP are awarded a UAS7 Travel Scholarship of €1,000 for transatlantic travel expenses. All accepted applicants receive a full tuition waiver at the UAS they are selected to attend. € 650

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