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DIS Stockholm - Medical Practice & Policy

Engage in a unique pre-medical experience by learning from local medical doctors and researchers, focusing on how research translates into medical practices, and how patient data translates back into research.

It’s a good fit if you have an interest in:
  • Biology
  • Biomedicine/Biotechnology
  • Pre-Medicine/Health Science 


Fall/Spring, 3 Credits 
This course provides you with insight into state-of-the-art research and research application in the medical field. You interact with practitioners, medical researchers and other scientists, who specialize in research in selected acute and chronic diseases. The emphasis is on the dynamic relationship between laboratory research and bedside application with the purpose of providing optimal patient therapies. You learn how research results guide clinical therapies, and vice versa. Doctors and scientists provide real-life examples of translational medicine practices and give you exposure to analyzing and developing diagnostic tools and treatment protocols.

Week-Long Study Tour: London 
Core Course Week: Study tour within Sweden + a two-day seminar in Stockholm 
Prerequisites: One year of biology and one year of chemistry at university level. 
Note: Please be aware that this course does not provide medical training corresponding to that of medical students and does not include shadowing of doctors or physical examination of patients. 

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  • Biology (General)
  • Medicine

Required Languages:


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