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Study Abroad on a Resume: What Does That Look Like and How Does It Set Me Apart?

Studying abroad sounds great, right? But how do you add it to a resume and what do you get out of it that sets you apart? Plus, if I am in a STEM field, will participating in study abroad do much for me to set me apart? The answer is yes, we will help you figure it out! Join us at Diversity Abroad on October 24th from 5-6pm for a webinar that discusses the benefits you receive from studying abroad! 

In the webinar, we will cover everything from how to talk about your study abroad experience on a resume and the tangible skills that you have built (in and out of the classroom) to the intercultural communication skills you developed that are crucial for all fields. We strive to encourage all students to recognize the immense benefit they are providing themselves by studying abroad, because so many valuable lessons and skills go unnoticed or can be difficult to sum into a few lines on a resume.We hope you will join us to hear how you can utilize an amazing experience (or two!) to set yourself apart.

Registration is open via the link below. Webinar time is in Eastern Standard Time.

Want to learn more about our monthly Abroad360 online modules? Check out more information at the following link ( and contact your your institutions' Study Abroad Office regarding a subscription!


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