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Spain: Contemporary and Historic Cultural Diversity

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Trace the historical and cultural influences of Spain&rsquo;s different religious and ethnic communities while traveling from Madrid to Spain&rsquo;s southern coast, then to Basque country in the north and ultimately to Catalonia. Learn about the coexistence of Christians, Jews, and Muslims from historical perspectives, and discuss the conditions necessary to fostering a tolerant, multicultural society in Spain today. Consider key issues presently being debated across Spain, such as those related to immigration, environmental conservation, community development, peace, and human rights.

Your high school summer abroad in Spain commences with an immersive orientation in Madrid and Toledo. Visit famous sites and museums throughout the capital, including the Prado museum and the Bourbon district. Explore Madrid&rsquo;s diverse neighborhoods, meet with Spanish youth at a Jewish community center, and study Spanish language and practice it with locals. Alongside a group of Spanish youth, visit famous sites and museums throughout Toledo, including the Catedral Primada Santa Mar&iacute;a de Toledo. Become better acquainted with the historical and cultural influences important in laying the groundwork for multiculturalism and tolerance in Spain.

Following orientation, live with a host family in a small community along Spain&rsquo;s southern coast. Visit Arab baths and Roman ruins. Relax on the beach with members of your host family or Experiment group. Following the homestay, you travel to Basque country for a week of regional exploration in the north; activities include community service in the mornings and cultural exchanges with local teenagers in the afternoons. Your journey through multicultural Spain concludes with a stay in the heart of Catalonia. Visit famous sites and museums throughout Barcelona, including the Olympic Harbor and the Picasso Museum. See the architecture of Gaud&iacute; and sample tapas on La Rambla, as your knowledge of and experience with Spain&rsquo;s diverse communities and cultures further deepens.

<strong>Orientation:</strong> Madrid and Toledo, 3 days<br />

<strong>Homestay:</strong> Arcos de la Frontera, 11 days<br />

<strong>Other Accommodations:</strong> Hotels

Need-based high school study abroad scholarships range from $250 to $3,000


  • Culture
  • Spanish

Required Languages:

Spanish; Castilian

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