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Urban Design in Barcelona

Investigate how bottom-up urban design strategies provide a framework for the participation of workers and residents to create an integrated community in Barcelona’s 22@ information activities district. Visit and diagram three urban typologies at the scale of the urban room, district, and neighborhood, including: (1) maritime metropolis; (2) modernisme; and (3) contemporary pluralism, along with a comparative study of similar typologies in Granada, Andalucía.  Explore how cultural events, food culture and urban fabric provide an emergent connectivity between post-industrial blocks in the 22@ district and contribute results to the 22@ planning department to improve district planning guidelines. In-situ work looks at existing and newly acquired datasets using architectural scaled software Rhino Grasshopper, associated plugins, and custom scripts. These new design methods are supported by interaction with interdisciplinary local experts in planning, urban ecology, architecture, robotic engineering, transit and landscape architecture. 
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  • Spanish Language Literature and Studies
  • Design
  • Architecture

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GEO Study Abroad