Computer Science and Information Technology

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The need for people with advanced skills in working with technology and information systems has increased exponentially in the past few years. There are a number of students each year who decide to pursue master’s degrees in computer science, technology and information systems due to the growing popularity and need in this area. Emerging subjects such as e-commerce, telecommunications management and informatics attract many students to graduate computer and information schools.

There are a number of different programs students can pursue at the graduate level including, a computer degree in information systems, graphic design, information technology and software engineering. These kinds of graduate programs will not only teach you how to harness the technologies of today to improve current systems, they will also provide you with the skills necessary to develop new technologies.

In the International Context

Obtaining a degree in the field of computer science and information technology could open the door to a number of possibilities to work internationally. A degree in this field would give you the skills necessary to enhance technology systems in developing countries, assist local organizations in designing programs that utilize technology and information systems more efficiently, and help implement technology improvement plans in a variety of contexts. If you are particularly interested in international development, there are a number of organizations involved in a relatively new movement known as Information Technology for Development (ICT4D) that works to improve access to technology all over the world. Some of these organizations include the United Nations Information and Communications Task Force and the Omidyar Network. 

Computer and Electrical Engineering

Graduate programs in computer and electrical engineering provide you expertise in the area of technological innovations that influence how systems work, from the development of newer, faster computers to the design and implementation of the technology of tomorrow. Pursuing a degree in this field could help you become an entrepreneur, an electrical designer, or a director of operating systems.

Geospacial Intelligence

A degree in Geospatial Intelligence will prepare you to provide geographic intelligence enhance security systems. After attaining a degree in this topic area, you have the chance to pursue career options to become a government agent, an intelligence specialist, an analysts and more.

For more information, see the National Geospacial Intelligence Agency website.

Information Systems

Graduate programs in information systems involve the use of hardware, software, services and supporting infrastructure to manage and deliver information using voice, data and video. A degree in information systems could open the door for you to pursue opportunities as an information systems manager, an information systems analyst, a technology and information systems operations manager and more.

National Security and Defense

National Security/Defense Studies graduate programs can involve a number of topic areas, including history, culture, religion and language. A degree in national security/defense studies can help you get your foot in the door to work for the government or a private contracting agency as an analyst or security systems specialist.

Check out the Center for National Security Studies website for more information.

Telecommunications Management

Telecommunications management programs try to address technology advances in system design and the implications this has on modern life. Some of the opportunities are a degree in telecom management, telecommunication analyst, voice or data communication systems administrator or a policy maker.

Job Opportunities In the Field

The career opportunities that follow a graduate program in computer science or technology are vast and diverse that could have you working as an onsite network technician or working for the Department of Defense working to improve national security and defense systems. Some other job opportunities that exist include Network Manager, Analyst, Consultant, and Security Specialist.

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