Foreign Languages

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Languages play a unique role in capturing the breadth of human diversity. Languages do not only demonstrate the variety of human thought, culture, society, and literature but also allow those who study it to understand what was written in the previous generations and to document the world’s present experiences for future generations. An advanced degree in a foreign language can open up numerous career options and make you more competitive on the job market.

This degree is much more than merely learning grammar and acquiring vocabulary. It gives you the opportunity to gain an understanding of new cultures, a skill of increasing significance given the internationalization of nearly every field. Proficiency in foreign languages and an understanding of other cultures are essential tools in an increasingly interconnected world. During your time studying foreign languages, or linguistics, you can expect rigorous course work in areas like critical discourse analysis, linguistics, stylistics and literature.

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In the International Context

As you can imagine, a degree in foreign languages and linguistics is already leans to include careers that are international in nature. The number of internationally focused opportunities is numerous and endless. 

Job Opportunities in the Field

Pursuing an advanced degree in foreign languages can open up a world of opportunity for you to find a career that best fits your abilities and interests. Whether you are interested in international diplomacy or domestic social justice, this degree can lead you to the career you’ve been searching for. The following is a list of careers that you might consider researching if a degree in foreign language or linguistics interests you: interpreter, linguist, translator, researcher, analyst, security specialist, regional specialist, teacher, Diplomatic Corps , Armed Forces, Court Interpreter, Federal Agencies, United Nations Intelligence (CIA, FBI, National Security), peace corps, Customs control, travel writer, technical translator, Applications Trainer, Web Community Manager , Software Consultant, Technical Writer, Web Localization Specialist, Software Localization Specialist, Publisher of Tourist Literature, International Tour Director, Tour Guides, Foreign Travel Advisors, Airline Industry.


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