ATM/Check Cards for International Study Abroad

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Your ATM/Check card- whether from a U.S.-based bank or a foreign one- represents the best way to withdraw money while abroad. The benefits to using an ATM/Check card are:  

  • ATM/Check cards are convenient and safe  
  • You will almost always get a better exchange rate with a ATM/Check card compared to cash or travelers checks  
  • If your card is lost or stolen, it will be replaced, usually without cost to you  
  • Managing your money is almost always be easier with an ATM/Check card  
  • You won’t have to exchange money each time you visit a new country  

ATM/Check card tips
  • Most ATM/Check cards require a four-digit PIN (Personal Identification Number)  
  • ATM cash withdrawals abroad come in local currency  
  • Most ATM's abroad include English instructions  
  • ATM/Check card’s with VISA or MasterCard logos work at merchants anywhere in the world where VISA or MasterCard are accepted Thousands of ATM's worldwide are compatible with Cirrus(MasterCard) & Plus(VISA) ATM/Check cards  

Visit the sites below to locate ATM's in your host country:
MasterCard ATM Worldwide Locator
Visa ATM Worldwide Locator
Búsqueda de Cajeros Automáticos


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