Financial Aid for Grad School Abroad

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When thinking about whether or not to study abroad as a graduate student or attain a degree abroad, most students first think about what the cost would look like. Though the options for financing your degree abroad are more limited when thinking about a program abroad, there are still several options to financing your education         


Though the private scholarships that are available for international degree programs are much more limited than those offered for domestic programs, there are opportunities available that are worth researching further. Below is a list of potential resources.

U.S. Federal Financial Aid

If you are a U.S. citizen, the federal government allows you to use U.S. Federal Student Aid at partner universities overseas. You may be eligible for a Stafford Loan for your degree program along with the repayment and deferment options like those you would otherwise follow for domestic programs. The amount of aid you are eligible to receive will depend on the type of degree you are studying and your income tax status, whether dependent or independent. You must apply to the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online.

For an extended list of countries that are connected with the U.S. Department of Education check out the US Network for Education Information’s website.

Private Loans

Though we would all love if we could get our education fully funded by scholarships, loans are a realistic option for financing your overseas experience. Although getting a loan will mean having more money to repay for school, remember, just like your education at your home school is an investment, your study abroad experience is an investment in your future with many benefits.

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