Investing time and effort into personal fundraising can also be helpful in reducing the cost of graduate school. Personal fundraising can be in the form of asking people to sponsor you, candy sales, nanny services, work study, etc

  • Before you start fundraising, here are some helpful tips to get started: 
  • You must ask questions: What are the initial costs of this fundraiser? 
  • Be prepared to explain why you are fundraising, it will add value to your fundraising approach. Let your sponsors know why this experience is so important for your future and any plans to give back to your community. 
  • Use technology such as facebook, twitter, linkedin to promote your efforts. 
  • Be sure to thank everyone who contributes. (mailing personal thank you notes is a popular method) 

To learn more about fundraising check out out our Personal Fundraising for Study Abroad & Global Exchanges page is our Study Abroad Financial Aid section of the website.


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