Paid vs. Unpaid Internships

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Should you do a paid or an unpaid internship abroad? There is the obvious monetary advantage to choosing a paid internship over an unpaid one, but there are also advantages to unpaid internships. Here are some things to consider before making your decision on which to choose.
  • Monetary compensation is one obvious advantage to paid internships. Still, some internships may pay very little so you still might have to find part time work 
  • Paid internships are often at big corporations, so it is an opportunity to get your foot in the door at a well-known established company. The down side to this is that many times the large size prevents the intern from getting the direction and guidance that would present in a more intimate setting 
  • Some of the paid internship will provide you with housing 
  • Unpaid internships can be more flexible than paid internships (paid internships often require you to work fixed office hours) 
  • Unpaid interns may have less of a workload then paid interns. In addition to this it is more unlikely that you will receive tasks that are not related to your goals or particular field of study 
  • There are more unpaid internships  available than paid ones


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