How to Choose the Right Study Abroad Program

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Whether your child is a high school, community college, university or graduate student, there are hundreds of different study abroad and international exchange opportunities for them to choose from; picking one isn’t always easy. Discuss with your student what they feel is important in a study abroad experience to help them decide which option will be the best fit for them.

All students have different goals and ideas of what they want to gain from their study abroad experience. Your student may wants to study a foreign language and experience another culture, or perhaps they wants to learn more about their ethnic heritage. Maybe your student is interested in exploring some facet of their degree program abroad that can only really be explored in a certain country. Your student should think about their expectations and goals while choosing a program, but you should also remind them to be flexible and that there may not be a program that perfectly meets all of their expectations.

Academic concerns, housing, cost, and safety are just some of the areas you and your child will want to consider as you research programs. You can find out more about a specific program by looking at their website or informational brochures. It can also be helpful for your child to talk with a study abroad advisor or someone who has participated in the program.


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