How to Study Abroad (Steps)

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Study abroad takes planning to succeed. The sooner you starting preparing to study abroad, the better your experience will probably be. Start the process by following these steps: 
1. Meet with an Advisor or Trusted Faculty Member: Each school has different policies for going abroad.  Your advisor or guidance counselor can help you explore your options for going abroad, either with classmates, or on your own through an established program.
2. Research Programs: There are hundreds of programs to choose from: semester or year long, gap year, summer, adventure-themed, etc. Choose a program that fits your academic and personal goals for going abroad. See Types of Programs for more information.
3. Apply for the Program of your Choice: Programs can fill up quickly. Be sure to note the application due date and apply for two or three programs as soon as possible, or at least a few months prior to the application deadline. Review the application carefully, and have someone assist you to make sure your application is complete and submitted successfully.
4. Secure Funding:  Research scholarships, save up from after-school or on-campus jobs, coordinate an online fundraiser, or more! Talk with advisors, guidance counselors and your parents to try and secure as much financial support from as many resources as possible. 
5. Prepare for the Adventure: You’ve chosen your program, you've applied, and you've been accepted. Now it’s time to plan your trip. Follow these steps:
  • Get your passport (and visa if necessary) 
  • Learn how to protect your health and safety abroad 
  • Get discounted student airfare 
  • Get travel insurance 
  • Get your International Student ID 
  • Pack properly 
  • Arrange your personal business before you leave 


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